This race is now the: IDAHO SLED DOG CHALLENGE
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McCall Ultra Challenge
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Join us for the second annual mid-distance Iditarod qualifier in the heart of Idaho's West Central Mountains near McCall, Idaho.

Early in Idaho's history, travel by sled dog was the only way to get around during winter in the Idaho backcountry. Over time, dog teams were replaced by modern technology. To honor and remember the rich history of dog team travel as part of Idaho's heritage, the McCall Ultra Sled Dog Challenge brings this exciting sport back to the gate of Idaho's vast backcountry wilderness.

These Iditarod qualifying races, the Challenge will attract world-class sled dog teams to one of Idaho’s most pristine winter playgrounds. Race dates fit nicely between the Eagle Cap Extreme in Oregon and Race to the Sky in Montana, offering three events in close proximity.  

Our primary focus is on sled dog safety, enriching mushers' experience in the sport, educating the community about sled dogs and racing, and providing a unique, family-friendly event for our communities that will benefit local winter economies.

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Establishing an annual Iditarod qualifier sled dog race as a McCall wintertime activity in keeping with the wilderness sports and recreation spirit of Idaho.  Focus is on honesty, integrity and the health and well-being of the dogs.

Please visit the new website for all details and information regarding the 2019 Idaho Sled Dog Challenge

The preliminary race dates for 2019 are January 29 to February 2. We will refine times, places and post additional details as they develop. The plans are to include two races a 150 mile and a 300 mile, both of which will be Iditarod qualifiers.  

In other exciting news, we are coordinating with the other two western U.S. Iditarod qualifers; Oregon's 200 mile Eagle Cap Xtremem and Montana's 300 mile Race to the Sky to raise a Triple Crown purse. 

We will also send out a musher packet to those who are interested. Volunteer and sponsor information will be forthcoming as well. 

Thank you for your continued interest and support in the 2019 Idaho Sled Dog Challenge.
  Introducing the 'Warren Brown Summit Award for Dog Care Excellence'
               CLICK HERE: for a short history on the young Warren Brown 

Operating on U.S. Forest Service land under permit from Boise and Payette National Forests.  

  In appreciation of Ponderosa State Park 
for housing the mushers and dogs

  In appreciation to DF Development for permitting the mushers and dogs
 across the land