This race is now the: IDAHO SLED DOG CHALLENGE
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McCall Ultra Challenge
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The McCall Ultra Dog Sled Challenge will be limited to a maximum of 12 teams with 12 dogs each and is designed to be a simple pass-through route on Forest Service winter-use groomed trails. Mushers will be self-supported while on Forest Service property, so no established checkpoints are needed on Forest Service land and no equipment or supplies will be brought onto Forest Service property, other than trail markers which will be removed immediately following the race. Checkers may be stationed at certain intersections as teams pass through. Race rules prohibit leaving any litter on the trail.

The race will proceed from Bear Creek Lodge to checkpoints at Platt Warming Hutt and Cascade.  The Race will loop around and return to Cascade. Upon completion of their rest period, teams will reverse the route and proceed to the finish line at the original starting point. 

See attached map of the race - P DF - Print & Schedule & Schedule  

Race rules require that every dog be examined by race-approved veterinarians before the race start and again at each checkpoint. lf it is determined that a dog needs to be dropped, it will be removed from the team and left in the care of the team handler at the checkpoint.

Wellington Checkpoint at Smith Ferry was removed due to unfavorable conditions.
Be flexible and monitor the website for any updates.

The Checkpoint Arrival Estimate is only to give you a ballpark idea. Check the ONLINE TRACKING PAGE for more accurate arrival times during the race.