This race is now the: IDAHO SLED DOG CHALLENGE
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McCall Ultra Challenge
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Volunteer Job Descriptions
This exciting event cannot happen without generous support from the community. The Fundraising and Sponsorship Committee will be responsible for raising funds by finding corporate and individual sponsors and donors who will donate money and supplies adequate to fund the event and keep the organization in a healthy financial position.  
ADVERTISING & PROMOTION COMMITTEE – Committee Chair - Sharon Bixler
The Advertising and Promotion Committee is responsible for making the public aware of and promoting the event through available print, broadcast and social media sources, including partnering with the McCall Area Chamber of Commerce and their marketing and promotion network; for developing and distributing posters and other printed material throughout McCall and the surrounding communities, including the Treasure Valley; for developing promotional items such as caps, tee shirts, etc.; and speaking about the event at public meetings and forums.
CEREMONIAL START COMMITTEE - Committee Chair - Ned Bulkley
Coordinate with the Advertising and Promotion Committee to create and promote ceremonial start excitement; find volunteers with snowmachines to laydown a ceremonial start trail on the lake ice, find an announcer and/or auctioneer to auction sled rides over the PA system; fill volunteer positions for the ceremonial start/finish and course, including crowd and parking control, musher parking and staging, dog handlers, equipment setup and takedown; and other miscellaneous positions as needed.
PHOTOGRAPHERS - Committee Chair - Melissa Shelby
One or more photographers able to take professional-quality photos at various points along the race course during the race, and to attend pre- and post-race events to take photos, providing all rights to the photos to the McCall Ultra Sled Dog Challenge organization. The photographer will receive credit in print and online media whenever their photos are published by the organization.
Responsible for procuring supplies & equipment and coordinating logistics with the checkpoint committee for start/finish line and checkpoint set up and take down. Examples of equipment and supplies needed:
Renting trail communication equipment or coordinating communications with existing sources; providing certified straw, Heet, tents and associated supplies for Anderson Creek checkpoint; trail markers and signage; starting gate stanchions and start/finish line banner, PA system and crowd control fencing.
The Iditarod Race Marshall is finding at least one Iditarod Certified Veterinarian to work the race; he/she will then train local volunteer veterinarians regarding sled dog racing protocols. Veterinarians will be stationed at each checkpoint as teams come through. 
MEDICAL AID STATION (Committee Co-Chairs - Kara Rydman and Heather Lewis)
Secure volunteer EMT or higher medical personnel to set up and maintain an aid station at each checkpoint, and coordinate with Valley County Search and Rescue.
Responsible for checkpoint set up and take down, providing checkpoints with volunteer checkers and timer keepers, establishing communications, providing crowd and parking control as needed and recruiting miscellaneous help.
At the start/finish line and at each checkpoint, timekeepers will record official arrival and departure times of each team on time adjustment cards. Timekeepers will also record the number of dogs in and out of the checkpoints.
At each checkpoint, a checker will visually verify and record that the required safety equipment is on each musher’s sled and will report immediately to the Race Marshall if any required equipment is missing. 
Find an announcer and PA system; fill volunteer positions for the start/finish area, including crowd and parking control, musher parking and staging, dog handlers, equipment setup and takedown; and other miscellaneous positions as needed.
These dogs love to run and are very powerful. Their enthusiasm to run makes it necessary to hold them back from taking off when bringing them to the starting line. There needs to be three or four able-bodied dog handlers per dog team to trot beside them for a short distance while bringing them to the line. Dog handlers will be needed at the Ceremonial Start on Sunday January 28 and again the following day at the official race start. We need LOTS of dog handlers!
The Trail Committee will coordinate with Valley County Parks and Rec and the Snowmobile Association regarding facilities use and trail grooming,  trail breakers and putting trail signage by snowmachine. Following the race, trail sweeps will pick up trail markings, signs and any litter.  
In the event that a secondary start/finish line is used, a shuttle vehicle and driver will be needed for a short transport from a nearby parking area. Parking directors will be needed at the start/finish areas and at each checkpoint. 
Work with local educators and community groups to develop pre-race school and community educational programs about mushing today and in the past, such as school presentations and field trips.
Set up an awards banquet for January 31st, after the race, to present prize money to the mushers and to recognize the sponsors, donors and volunteers.
HOST FAMILIES  With a shortage if hotel rooms, families may wish to host a musher.
Manage and coordinate all volunteers and communicate with all committees chairs on volunteer issues.
OTHER: There are lots of volunteer positions that need to be filled. You may have a special interest that will fill a need not mentioned above. Please contact us and we will be excited to add you to our growing list of volunteers!